The Napa Youth Lacrosse Club (referred to as NYLC) is a volunteer based organization whose goal is to provide the youth of Napa Valley and surrounding area an opportunity to learn and play the game of lacrosse. The NYLC is a member of the Northern Califo

 Sat 03/07/2020 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Napa, Justin Siena HS 10:30a 12:00p  Napa 5th B12Bv Game Central Marin Blue Jays B12Br   RW 
12:00p 1:30p  Napa 6th B12Bv Game Central Marin Blue Jays B12Bv   JF 
1:30p 3:00p  Napa 7th B14Bv Game Central Marin Blue Jays B14Br   AL 
3:00p 4:30p  Napa 8th B14Bv Game Central Marin Blue Jays B14Bv   DF 
Novato, San Marin HS 10:30a 12:00p  S. Marin Timber Wolves G14Bv Game Napa G14B   SK 
12:00p 1:30p  Napa G14B Game Novato Gold G14Br   SK 
San Rafael, Terra Linda HS Turf 10:15a 11:30a  Ross Valley Grizzlies Blue G12Bv Game Napa G12Bv   JE 
11:30a 12:45p  Napa G12Bv Game Central Marin Blue Jays G12Bv   NB 
Sonoma, Adele Harrison MS 12:30p 1:30p  Napa Force B10Bv Game Sonoma B10Br   DM 
1:30p 2:15p  Sonoma Green B8 Game Napa B8   JD 
2:15p 3:15p  Napa B8 Game Sonoma White B8   JD 
 Sun 03/08/2020 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Napa, Justin Siena HS 2:45p 4:15p  Napa 6th B12Bv Game Folsom Falcons Red B12Bv   JF 
Petaluma, Lucchesi Field 1:30p 3:00p  Petaluma River Cats B14Bv Game Napa 8th B14Bv   DF