The Napa Youth Lacrosse Club (referred to as NYLC) is a volunteer based organization whose goal is to provide the youth of Napa Valley and surrounding area an opportunity to learn and play the game of lacrosse. The NYLC is a member of the Northern Califo


What Does It Cost
Annual Club fees will depend on Player age.   Each Player must also have a U.S. Lacrosse Membership that is $35 each year.  Club Fees may be paid in two installments.  One Half to register with the balance due prior to the start of spring season. 

Registration closes November 30th as the Club has to order uniforms and submit rosters to the regional Lacrosse organization.    We prefer to have most of our registrations complete November 15th. (Spring 2021 season registration closes March 2021)

Each player must provide his/her own equipment.  Boys are required to provide their own stick, helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, cup, cleats, and mouthpiece.  Girls must provide their own stick, safety goggles, cleats and mouthpiece. Athletic Feet  in Napa carries the Napa Force helmet in Napa Force black and gold , some equipment and can order specific items upon request.  The Lacrosse Day gear swap in October/November of every year is a good way to acquire used gear from aging up players at no cost.  Entry-level gear is available at Athletic Feet, Big 5 and online retailers like Lacrosse Monkey.  Higher end pads, gloves and gear are available at SlingIt Lacrosse, Lacrosse Monkey and other on-line retailers. 

Regular season practices normally start in January and meet twice weekly.  Some Squads will practice 3x per week.  The first games are at the end of February or beginning of March.    Some squads are offering optional practices now or running 'fall ball' player clinics in the last months of the year.  After registration, you will be notified of fall clinics.  You are also encouraged to communicate with Coaches directly regarding fall clinics. 

Most games occur in the northern Bay Area, with trips over to Marin, Novato, Santa Rosa, and Sonoma.  We also have games in San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Danville, and Sacramento.  A couple of games each season will be a bit further -- Redwood City, San Jose, and Granite Bay.   Most games are on Saturdays with occasional Sundays and occasional double game weekends (a Saturday and Sunday game).    Some of the Girls games will be scheduled 'double headers' -- where the girls play two games in succession at home or away -- very efficient!    Regular season play ends in May.  

All games are timed either 'running time' or 'stop time' with most games between one hour to 1.5 hours including quarter and half time breaks. 

Introductory Lacrosse For First Time Players
Boys and Girls as young as 6  (8U) start playing Lacrosse on smaller fields with amended rules of play to encourage learning the game, developing skills and having fun. 

Youth Rules through the 10U to 14U groups are also amended from high school and college play, primarily limiting contact and similarly emphasizing developing skills, and better understanding of the game and different offensive and defensive play. 

New Players are encouraged at every level.  Two of our Board members picked up a stick for the first time in High School.   We love the idea of people jumping into this sport at any age.   Lacrosse is a very fun sport and everyone can learn it with some practice and enthusiasm.  Skills learned in other sports are often translatable to Lacrosse play, and we encourage multi-sport athletes.  

Age Breaks and Team Organization
The League this year is organized as teams with U8, U10, U12, U14, and High School teams.  The date for age determination is August 31st.   'Playing -up' a level is based on player skill, size, and coach/club discretion and roster need.  Playing down is subject to petitioning the regional league.  Generally, U-14 players attending High School have the option to play U-14 or High School.

The only local High School that has Lacrosse as a sport is Justin Sienna.  The NVUSD schools have, to date, declined to include Lacrosse as one of their school sports.  We think that in the next 2 years, this will change.  In the mean-time, the only way a Napa, Vintage, or American Canyon High School student can play Lacrosse is through Napa Force or another Bay Area club with practices out-of-area.

In some age brackets we will have enough players for two teams.  In this case the club needs to decide where to schedule teams for 'A' or 'B' Conference games.  'A' Conference games are with a smaller set of clubs in the region and generally have more experienced players as competitors and slightly longer travel times to games.  

Our general philosophy is to field 'A' and 'B' conference teams when possible and when we feel we our squads are competitive vis-a-vis the skill level of competing conference teams.   We value the concept of playing 'more experienced' teams to improve our own skills.