The Napa Youth Lacrosse Club (referred to as NYLC) is a volunteer based organization whose goal is to provide the youth of Napa Valley and surrounding area an opportunity to learn and play the game of lacrosse. The NYLC is a member of the Northern Califo


The primary goals of this club are to teach our players the game of lacrosse and provide them with a positive and fun experience that builds character, teamwork, and success. Our mission is to develop positive lacrosse players and responsible young adults.

Expectations and Team Rules:

1. All players will be at practice on time with the proper equipment and ready to
participate fully. Players’ attendance at practice is imperative so that they can work
together as a team to achieve their goals.

Players must notify coaches as soon as possible when a scheduling conflict arises.
Players will be excused for family emergencies, school functions that impact
grades, and during the completion of other sports seasons which began prior to

2. Positive teamwork is a standard and expectation for our club. Ridiculing, degrading,
or physically mistreating teammates will not be tolerated on or off the field. Any player
displaying such behavior will have a discussion with parents and coaches to determine
the player’s future with the club.

3. Playing time is always important to every player, and we intend to involve every
player during games. However, players will be evaluated weekly, and playing time will
be determined on the following criteria:

    Work Ethic
    Respect (for teammates, coaches, officials, and opponents)

We hope to make the season as successful and positive as possible. Please do not hesitate
to contact coaches with any concerns that may arise. Open communication and working
together will be instrumental in making this an exciting season for everyone involved.