The Napa Youth Lacrosse Club (referred to as NYLC) is a volunteer based organization whose goal is to provide the youth of Napa Valley and surrounding area an opportunity to learn and play the game of lacrosse. The NYLC is a member of the Northern Califo


Parents and players in the club have advocated that local NVUSD high schools adopt Lacrosse as a high school sport. 

To date, NVUSD has declined to do so, mainly out of financial concerns -- every sport cost the district money that it doesn't have.  

Earlier this year, the NVUSD board voted to change the athletic league that it plays in.  It voted to change from the Sac-Joaquin Section to the North Coast Section of the CIF beginning in the 2018/2019 school year.  Lacrosse enthusiasts view this as a positive development as the North Coast Section includes nearly 80 high schools that field lacrosse teams as opposed to the Sac Joaquin Section which fielded 8 teams. 

While the club, parents and coaches have advocated for at least one High School team at Vintager or Napa for the Spring 2018 season, the NVUSD District rejected this idea.  Thus, for those players in High School now who want to play, the only way to play is via the Napa Force through NCJLA.  


We are very pleased to update all of you on the most recent developments in our quest to implement lacrosse in our local public high schools.  We have been advised by Damon Wright, the head of NVUSD Secondary Education, and Jill Stewart, the School Districts head Athletic Director, that they have initiated a plan to launch varsity lacrosse teams at both Napa High School and Vintage High school for both boys and girls in the 2019/20 school year.  This planned implementation has been presented to the North Coast Section as part of the NVUSD’s move and the school district’s athletic heads are working diligently towards this goal. 


While we understand that this schedule puts us two years out from having teams on site, the school district is taking the 2018/19 school year to plan out coaching, transportation, field use and striping, uniforms, schedules, funding, etc.  As most of you know, NVUSD is moving CIF divisions in the 2018/19 school year from the Sac/Juaquin Section to the North Coast Section.  It is this move that has given us the path to bringing lacrosse into our high schools.   This move not only requires a great deal of planning and change for the athletic departments but also entails the creation of a brand new league within the CIF division that is a significant endeavor as well which makes the addition of a new sport extremely challenging.  The school district is actively supportive of ways to start non-CIF lacrosse programs in the 2018/19 school year, most likely through the Napa City Rec Department or with the assistance of Napa Junior Lacrosse Club that will help recruit players, coaches and start training programs in anticipation of launch in the 2019-20 school year.  THE NVUSD program will most likely start in the Summer of 2019 with conditioning programs and then have Fall “Open Field” play by interested lacrosse players at each school.  This is our building time and it will require a great deal of work by players, parents and coaches so we can help launch NVUSD programs with success! 


This is great news for our lacrosse players and families and we couldn’t be happier with the expressed commitment the school district has made to lacrosse in our community. That being said, the school district’s commitment to stay on this schedule is largely dependent on funding and at this point in time the school district is undergoing severe cuts on all levels.  Therefore, our job is to help pull together as much funding as possible to help the cause so that we can keep the planned implementation. 


In the coming months lacrosse parent committees with kids at or going to Napa and Vintage in the future (or considering it) are going to be putting together an auction event, sponsorship opportunities and a GoFundMe page to bring as much money as possible to help fund the start-up costs of lacrosse.  We encourage all of you to participate by donating your time, money and enthusiasm to the cause.  We strongly believe that bringing in lacrosse to the public high schools will also drive the demand for and participation in youth lacrosse in our community.  Even if your child does not attend public high school, I hope you all see the big picture of how this benefits our lacrosse community as a whole.  Please contact Karen directly if you want to participate by donating your time or if you are interested in discussing sponsorship opportunities.  She can be reached by email at   or by phone at (707) 738-8677


We hope you share our excitement about this development and help us in taking this across the finish line! 




Again, for the Spring 2018 Season, ther will NOT be a Vintage or Napa Lacrosse team.  The only way to compete this coming Spring and set the stage for future NVUSD High School teams is to sign up and play with Napa Force this coming Spring 2018 season.  

Come back for more updates.